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Mercury, which is said to be the semen of Lord Shiva, is a liquid metal, hence it is called Alokam. Mercury is one of the neophytes and is highly oxidative, and can have various benefits if prepared in the manner prescribed by the Siddhas.


There are many benefits to refining this mercury and removing its t-shirts and blemishes with a variety of herbs and pottery, turning it into a hard metal, making it into a bead, and tying it around the neck with a rope.

It is said that alchemy is the conversion of liquid mercury into a hard metal with rare herbs and potions. Thus there is an abundance of alchemy made by alchemy.


The benefits of the gemstone we produce


1. Occurs between husband and wife, avoiding vain quarrels and leading to family unity.


2. Makes business and career advancement better.


3. No evil force will work, it will attack the aviator immediately.

Billy protects from evil forces such as witchcraft and removes their vulnerabilities.


4. Get rid of enemies harassment and debt harassment.


5. Since Rasamani has the property of controlling the new planets, you can feel the dramatic change by dissolving all the horoscope obstacles.


6. If you wear Rasamani, you can easily achieve Kariyasitthi and Vakku Palitam.


7. All sorts of good things will happen to those who wear this gem.


8. Removing the marriage barrier.


9. Removing the barrier to employment will create a better opportunity


10. Protects from natural disasters such as thunder, lightning, storms, sea turbulence, nothing wears out.


Giving us countless energies like this, we get the divine gem. Call for more information

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