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In the beginning, Lord Shiva has revealed many of arts to siddhars and common people in the world.For the benefits of everyone,he made to taught in the way of Guru's traditional teachings and through scriptures.The most important of them are Kalari, Silambam, Varmakalai, Medicine, Yoga, Wisdom, Alchemy, Mantra, Mani, Patchishastra,kakkisham, sootchamam, Vasi Yoga, Kayasitti and Deetsa are teached for the benefits of all disciples in our Gurukulam without  any change in tradition methods . Disciples who are qualified and eager to learn these can come to our Gurukulam and learn.


Varmakalai Adimurai

Kalaripayirci, Silambam, Varmakalai  practice


Varmakalai Treatment

Varmakalai medicine, traditional Herbal medicine of our country


Traditional Herbal medicine

By the grace of the Lord many divine herbs have been researched for a long time and many potent medicines have been discovered


From my training period itself,I had a dream of establishing a gurukulam that would teach true traditional education in the world ,  by the grace of  lord I had learned many arts as a drop ( arts are like oceanfrom which what I learned is just a drop).After learned clearly,I had  established a Gurukulam under the name of 'Aadhisakthi gurukulam' and here Kalari, Silambam, Varmakalai Adimurai,Pidimurai Varmakalai treatment, Traditional treatment methods of our country,Mercury ball, Navapashanam, Mantra, Alchemy, Kakkisham, Sarashastram, Yoga, Meditation, Penance, Vasi, Sootchamam, Wisdom and all the arts have been teaching for the past ten years to disciples who are duly deserving.


Mercury Ball

Mercury, which is said to be the semen of Shiva, is a liquid metal, hence it is called metal



Nine of these are dominated by the neo-planets, which have been systematically refined by the Thirty Jayanir


If there is divine power in the world then there is also the power of evil, some wicked people use these evil forces to seduce innocent people for their selfishness



'Sivagati' penance is taught, which is the wonderful blessing to be attained by all those born in the world

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