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I am professional martial artist and instructor been doing this since 5yrs like kung fu,muay thai,jeet kune do,kali,silat,combat system,etc. being tamilian it's make me proud to learn my own martial arts kalaripayttu,varma kalai,silambam,kuthu varisai.etc. and in search of that I found this channel with great assan Dr.Gopala Krishan and their students they you took initiative to make this art live long is awesome and proud to say that with all your videos I able to understand that how difficult is varma kalai and someone who learned this art can be destoryer or creator by their own choices but I took an responsibility to make sure that I use this priceless art only for my knowledge and self defense not to hurt or show off anyone. I would like to add little bit of my training and practice videos and photos. and willing to meet you all soon.

Selvam Pillai

Selvam Pillai

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