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It is a well-known fact that Bharatanatyam is the homeland of all the arts in the world, and especially Adi Siddhartha Shiva, who lived in the ancient Tamil Nadu region of Kumarikanda, by his marvelous wisdom taught all the arts to his wife Parvati Devi and Nandeesar, and Parvati Devi taught many techniques to Siddhartha, including Lord Murugan. The arts were taught to the clergy and spread all over the world, and in this day and age the arts are scattered here and there, but the true theologians know all kinds of arts.

List of arts

1. Alphabetical grammar

2. Literature (Literacy)

3. Mathematical power

4. Knowing all the Vedas flawlessly

5. Knowing the Puranas

6. Grammar (grammatical or poetic)

7. Jurisprudence (realizing guilt and giving honest and correct punishment)

8. Astrology (Strength in the Art of Astrology)

9. Dharma Shastra (Knowing all types of Dharmas)

10. Yoga Shastra (Yoga Arts)

11. Magic (Magic)

12. Omen (realizing what is going to happen with omens)

13. Sculpture (carving of idols)

14. Medical science (knowledge of medical methods)

15. Morphology (predicting or drawing a person's body with any small object related to their body, such as hair or teeth)

16. Recognition of epic and musical rhythms

17. Epic creation

18. Decorative art

19. Madhurapadanam (sweet talk and seduction)

20. Play writing

21. Recognition of all types of dance

22. Sattapramam (knowledge of sound technique)

23. Playing the lute

24. Playing the flute (playing the flute)

25. Playing the Maruthangam

26. Knowledge of culinary arts

27. Athirapriksha (bow power or trick)

28. Kanakaparitsai (Knowledge of testing gold)

29. Chariot Examination (Chariot Training)

30. Bitter test (climbing on an elephant and manipulating it efficiently)

31. Self-examination (riding a horse and manipulating it efficiently)

32. Gem Exam (Knowledge of Navratnas)

33. Earth Exam (Knowledge of Soil and Geography)

34. Sangrama Grammar (War Training)

35. Wrestling (hand mixing)

36. Attraction (showing oneself beautifully and attracting others)

37. Witchcraft (controlling someone by magic)

38. Seed dressing (royal trick or art of seducing an adversary)

39. Religion (the art of seducing transgender people)

40. Mohanam (Kissing Art or Kama Shastra)

41. Charm (charm art)

42. Alchemy (converting gold to gold)

43. Magneticism (singing melodies)

44. Biblicalism (knowing the language of other living beings)

45. Cattle Argument (Making the situation happier)

46. Mineral Arthritis (Diagnosis with Pulse)

47. Car (The Art of Finding the Truth Between Lies)

48. Loss (foreknowledge of evil)

49. Knocking (detection of concealment)

50. Entry into the sky (crossing the sky to go to another world)

51. Airborne (air travel)

52. Paragaya entry (leaving the nest)

53. Miracle (knowing well about oneself)

54. Indra Jalam (Knowing Magic)

55. Mahendra Jalam (image change appearing in multiple places simultaneously)

56. Pillar of Fire (The trick to walking in the fire. Putting the fire to our liking)

57. Water Pillar (manipulation of water as we wish. Pushing the ocean to our liking)

58. Gas column (controlling the wind as we like)

59. Titti pillar (blindfold - the act of blindly believing something that is not happening in front of him)

60. Voting Pillar (Tongue Tying)

61. Prostate pillar (Awakening of the Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power))

62. Kanna Sthambam (treasure-like treasures where they are located)

63. Pillar of Passage

64. Avattai Prayogam (Pitambar magic of the time known as voodoo. Evil.

These are the sixty-four arts mentioned above.

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