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★ We will look after the bird according to your star and name and prepare the gemstone for you with the corresponding herbs, so you need to register your name by giving the amount for the gem in advance.

★ We will prepare in 21 days, after which you can come in person or pick it up in a parcel.

★ We have prepared this gem by properly cleaning the gem and removing seven types of shirts and eight types of defects.

★ Made without any standard metal impurities

★ This clock is made with a focus of 51 latitudes,

★ It is made entirely of many rare and vital herbs,

★ It should be worn so that it rests on the chest where the orphan wheel is located around the neck,

★ As soon as we wear this, a safety ring will form around us,

★ When we wear this in the chest we can feel a force forming there,

★ It protects our body from diseases,

★ Evil Disorders Evil, Billy, Void, Eyesight Will All Be Cured,

★ Sarva Jana Vasiyam, Business, Business is going well,

★ Protecting us from accidents,

★ Aunty is the thing that I thought to do with my right hand in the early morning,

★ Happiness in the family Husband-wife unity prevails.

★ Gemstone is very useful in giving protection to small children and protects children from common diseases.

★ There are rare powers to tie on the forehead while meditating,

★ Navagraha bugs will go away

★ There is nothing wrong with the gem,

★ Ceba Mantra will be provided with the bell.

★ A gem weighing 51 grams costs Rs 10,500

We give them a bank account number. Put the money in the bank and send a receipt

Their name and star

Please provide a clear address and contact number



Chief Varmakalai Asan


Dr.S. Gopalakrishnan Acharya


Kamadenu Rasamani

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